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Hongke Electronics 90th China (Shanghai) Electronics Exhibition


90th China (Shanghai) Electronic Exhibition


From October 25 to 27, 2017, the 90th China (Shanghai) Electronics Exhibition, with the theme of "Informatization Drives Industrialization and Electronic Technology Promotes Industrial Upgrading", opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Hongming Electronics University New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Hongke Electronics) was invited to participate in the exhibition.


Supply and Demand Meeting

San Want Hotel Shanghai

On October 24, representatives of client units gathered at Shanghai Shenwang Hotel to attend the supply and demand meeting held by our company. At the meeting, Mr. Zhang Ming, General Manager, led the sales team to have a cordial conversation with the guests, and fully exchanged views on issues of concern to both suppliers and demanders, thus further promoting exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.


Exhibition scene

Mr. Qumingshan, Deputy General Manager, introduced our products to customers.

_High Reliability Multilayer Ceramic Dielectric Capacitor for Aerospace

_RF Microwave Multilayer Ceramic Dielectric Capacitor

_Medium and High Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Dielectric Capacitors

_Pulse Power Multilayer Ceramic Dielectric Capacitor

_Multi-core ceramic dielectric capacitors

Microwave Chip Ceramic Dielectric Capacitors (Single Layer, Multilayer)

_Temperature compensated attenuator, coaxial fixed attenuator, fixed attenuator

_power divider series

_Switching Matrix

_Microwave test fixture



Exhibition scene

A group of customer experts came to our booth.


Exhibition scene

Customer on-site consulting product information


Exhibition scene

Customer visits in close proximity


Pose for a group photo

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