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Murata Expanded Lamellar Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (GCG Series) for Electrical Adhesives Used in Automobiles


In the rated voltage of 100Vdc of GCG series for conductive adhesives * 1 special laminated multi-layer ceramic capacitors for automobiles, Murata Co., Ltd. has expanded the product lineup for temperature compensation and high dielectric constant.


The new commercialized product size for temperature compensation is 0603 inch size (1.6 x 0.8 mm), electrostatic capacity is 1,000 pF-10,000 pF, high dielectric constant product size is 1210 inch size (3.2 x 2.5 mm), and electrostatic capacity is 4.7 mF. Sample matching and mass production have begun.

The electronic equipment in the engine compartment of automobile is exposed to severe temperature environment. When mounting the electronic components in the engine compartment, a conductive adhesive with high heat resistance and temperature cycling resistance is used. In order to fit the conductive adhesive, Murata commercialized the sheet multilayer ceramic capacitors (GCG series) with AgPd electrodes on the external electrodes. This time, it expanded its product line-up.

Product characteristics:

Special products of conductive adhesives for automotive power transmission system and safety equipment conforming to AEC-Q200*2 standard

High bonding stability with conductive adhesives can be obtained even at high temperatures by using newly developed AgPd electrodes on external electrodes.


Engine compartment of automobile

Representative name

GCG1887U2A102JA01_, GCG32DC72A475KE01_

Electrical characteristics


Outline size

0603 inch size: 1.6 x 0.8mm (T = 0.8mm)

1210 inch size: 3.2 x 2.5 mm (T = 2.0 mm)


Terminology specification

* 1. Conductive adhesives: ease the pressure of expansion and expansion of substrates and components due to temperature changes, and have high temperature cycle life.

* 2. AEC-Q200: Reliability test standards for on-board electrical components planned by Automotive Electronics Council.

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