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Grasp Opportunities, Tamp Foundation and Welcome 5G-2017 MLCC Annual Conference


On November 2, 2017, the 2017 MLCC Annual Conference was held smoothly in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, with the theme of "Grasping Opportunities, Tamping Foundation and Welcoming 5G". The meeting was sponsored by MLCC Professional Committee of Capacitor Branch of China Electronic Components Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "China Electrical Elements Association") and sponsored by Chengdu Hongming Electronic Science and Technology University New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hongke Company").



Ran Hongting, Vice Chairman of Chengdu Hongming Electronics Co., Ltd., presided over the meeting. There were 14 MLCC manufacturers in China. Secretary-General Chen Zhongyi, Chairman of MLCC Professional Committee, General Manager Tang Hao of Guanhua Branch of Guangdong Fenghua High-tech Co., Ltd., Chairman He Gang of Chengdu Hongming Co., Ltd., and General Manager Zhang Ming of Chengdu Hongming Electronic Science and Technology University New Materials Co., Ltd. attended the meeting and made brilliant speeches.

Chen Zhongyi, Secretary-General of CEPCA Capacitor Branch, Analyses the Prospect of the Industry



Secretary-General Chen Zhongyi pointed out that in 2017, MLCC industry is facing a good situation of "tightening market demand and rising product prices". This year''s conference, with the theme of "seizing opportunities, consolidating foundations and meeting 5G", aims at requiring enterprises to cherish and grasp the opportunities for industry development, consolidate the basic work of basic materials, product technology upgrading, meet the new challenges of 5G era with a solid technical background, seize the commanding heights and seek new growth engines. In recent years, MLCC has done a lot of work and efforts in building a strong industrial base and formulating a 5G development plan. It has won unanimous praise from the leaders of the association and received financial support from key national projects. The layout of the whole industry has achieved initial results.

General Manager of Hongke Company - Zhang Ming reports on the company''s development



Zhang Ming, General Manager of Hongke Company, made an important report on behalf of the organizers entitled "Grasping Opportunities, Tamping Foundations and Meeting Challenges". General Manager Zhang Ming introduced the current situation and development trend of Hongke''s production and research in recent years from the aspects of operation status, personnel size, leading products, scientific research conditions and core technological innovation, summarized industry information and relevant national policies and regulations, analyzed and pointed out that the industry is facing excellent opportunities for national policies to vigorously support the development of the industry, and at the same time, studied and judged MLCC Bank of China. The gap between the strength of industrial technology and the advanced international level and the fierce market competition environment are shared. The development discoveries and ideas of Hongke Company under the new environment are based on optimizing industrial structure, adhering to the high correlation between new products and existing products, adhering to innovation-driven, constructing an independent guarantee system for thematic structural materials, adhering to talent-driven, and making full use of the company''s historical accumulation and employees. Group and enterprise atmosphere create a good soil, and cultivate the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Finally, Hongke will continue to undertake a more arduous mission for the healthy and vigorous development of MLCC industry and contribute to the strength of Hongke.

Introduce the development status of the enterprises by the participating factories in the industry



At the meeting, around the theme of the meeting, each manufacturer introduced the current situation of production and operation of their respective units at the present stage, in line with the market and industry development situation, the development direction of enterprises and key products, reviewed the production and operation status of each company in the electronic components industry and MLCC industry in recent years, and looked forward to the opportunities and challenges faced by the future MLCC field as well as the development before. Scenery.

Pictures taken as a souvenir


  Through the successful convening of this conference, it laid a foundation for the market cooperation and collaborative development of MLCC manufacturers, strengthened communication and communication between MLCC manufacturers, fully recognized the industry situation, gave full play to the advantages of enterprises, seized opportunities, and feared challenges, and gradually consolidated the authority and guidance of MLCC Association of Capacitor Branch in the industry.

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